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A quote to share

"It's harder to wait around for something
you know might never happen;
but it's even harder to give up
when you know it's everything you want ..."

Don't give up your hope~

[ picture taken by me - no stealing ^_^ ] see the picture in fullview here

So, I havn't been here for ... ages it feels like :O
School's taking up all my time, and since I'm in my last year it's quite stressful ..
I hope I'll be able to make some graphics again soon, I miss it =)

in the meantime, keep track of me at
DeviantArt !!
take care~
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LOVElove!! - F r u i t y _ T a s t e

80 Random icons, set 46 !!

Hello people ! ~
How are you all doing? I hope you're fine ^_^
I'm doing okay these days, just so busy with school and so, that's the reason for the lack of updates :P
But no need to be low, soon it's CHRISTMAS !! =D
I really can't wait, 3 weeks of christmas holidays to enjoy ^___^

I wish you all a Merry Christmas, take care and spend time with family and relatives !!
This will probably be my last icon post this year, but I'll be back till next for sure ;D
so, ENJOY !!

[x] Christmas icons
[x] Kurt Halsey art
[x] Nature && Stock
++ Eco-friendly icons !! ^_^


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~ Earth Angel

190 Random icons, set 45 !!

Heey everyone ^___^ how are you all doing?
I've been so so busy these weeks with school ... >.<
I've been working with these icons for a couple of weeks, but I just havn't got the time to post them,
I hope you'll like them ^__^
so here's a little update from me =]

oh, and 18th September I'm going to see Coldplay live, ahh I can't wait !!! :D
weeee it's going to be awesome ^_^ ♥

[x] Robert Pattinson
[x] Twilight (mostly A&J)
[x] Harry Potter
[x] Garden State
[x] Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
[x] Amelie from montmartre
[x] Music;
Coldplay, Death Cab for Cutie, Bright Eyes, Relient K, The Shins
[x] Howl's moving castle
[x] Stock;
Hong Kong (166-170) , tea, dim sum, animals, music, nature &&


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LOVElove!! - F r u i t y _ T a s t e

Random icons, set 44 !

Hey guys, how are you all doing? ^^
The summer days really pass by fast, don't they? >.<
Today is the official release of Breaking Dawn ! I still havn't got my hands on it though :P
I'm on Eclipse at the moment, and I feel no rush ;D I just enjoy every moment of it. ^_^
So, enjoy Breaking Dawn everyone :D
I know I will ^___^

Have a great time ppl ~ !
I really enjoyed making these icons, and I hope you'll like them as well ^__^

[x] Natalie Portman
[x] Leighton Meester [Blair Waldorf]
[x] Elijah Wood & friends
[x] Juno
[x] Adrien Brody
[x] Robert Pattinson + Twilight
[x] Rupert Grint
[x] Fruits Basket - episode 8
[x] Stock - nature &&


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★ Twilight of the Day ★

Random icons, set 43 !

How are you guys doing these days? =)
I've been quite busy with working ...
Already half of the summer holiday has passed, and I'm feeling stressed and the pressure of going back to school .. x(
To keep my mind as far away from school as possible I've tried to find things that can occupy my thoughts and mind for a while.
And I sure found it. TWILIGHT.
Yes, as many other I've found the pleasure of reading the book
I was hooked after just a chapter. I love reading, and to me it's very relaxing.
So this set includes icons from the movie Twilight. I know there are many Twilight icons floating around here, but I couldn't resist making my own as well ^_^ I hope they'll come in use ^^.
And as always I've made stock icons !! ♥ Dim Sum ^^
I hope you're all doing good, and take care of yourselves ♥ !

[x] Twilight
[x] Stock;
penguins, dim sum, nature ...


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LOVElove!! - F r u i t y _ T a s t e

Random icons, set 42 !!

How are you guys? ^__^ Enjoying the summer?
Well, I can't really say I do at this moment. The sky's all grey and it's raining and windy.
It's been like this for a couple of days, and it will continue for about a week or so =/
Anyways, I hope the sun will start shine soon ^^
Even though I have summer break now, it's quite stressful, so much things I have to do ...
So I havn't had time to make any graphics, so I decided to post icons from several icon challenges instead =)
as always, I hope you like them ! ^_^
Enjoy the summer guys !!

[x] Animals
[x] Liv Tyler (24-25), Rupert Grint (59, Hayden Christensen (23),
Natalie Portman, Ian Somerhalder (12), Zach Braff (11), Sandra Bullock (67),

One Tree Hill (15), P.S. I Love You (66), Gossip Girl (51-55)
[x] Stock icons


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Little Flying Fish ~

Random icons, set 41 !!

I'm back with new icons !! ^__^
I've finally had some time to make graphics .. These last weeks in school's been horrible >__<
so so so stressful .. and I'm not really pleased with my performance or results ..
but finally it's the end of the term !! just about one week left till summer holiday, yay !!
I'm going to enjoy the summer ..
I'm going to take lots and lots of nature photos, the nature here is beautiful at this time of the year !

I decided to make icons of the anime Lucky ☆ Star. I've never watched it, but it seems adorable !!
I hope you'll like them, as well as the stock icons !!

Have a wonderful summer guys !! and take care ! ^___^

[x] First episode of Lucky ☆ Star
[x] Stock icons; some yummy icons to share !!


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